Friday, November 30, 2007

Predators Will Live Amoug Us!

Does The Sentence Fit the Crime?

We cannot tell sex offenders where they can live once they've served their time. Not even a convicted child molester, unless a judge has imposed a restriction as a condition of release in the original sentence. And judges rarely do that.

That possibly means, depending on what State you live, convicted rapists and child molesters can live on secluded roads surrounded by women and children, no matter how much that unnerves a rural community. Also, there's no cap on the number of offenders drawn to a given city zip code by affordable rents.

Megan's Law was signed into law in 1996. Megan's Law requires the following two components:

Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification

Is that enough? Schools are everywhere and so are predators.

I believe tracking these predators all their life is wrong and ineffective.

In order to control this predator we have to make the penalty for this crime as high or higher, as the penalty we assess to murders or even white collar criminals.

Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison for obstructing a federal securities investigation, plus upon her release she was subjected to 5 additional months of home confinement while wearing an electronic tracking device. While in Vermont, a judge sentenced a child rapist, to 60 days in jail. The man admitted he raped a little girl countless times when she was between 7 and 10 years old.

We, as a society, need to decide if the prison sentence for this type of crime is too lenient.

Get involved, contact your legislators.

Your elected representatives in Congress and in your State Legislature need to know that their constituents demand action.

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