Friday, November 30, 2007

Illegal Immigration - Oxymoron?

I tend to think people who say "they do the work Americans won't do" are over simplifying the issue of illegal immigration. It seems that if there are jobs in the United States that people are not willing to do; and I believe that is the case. Maybe manufacturing and technology should come up with a better way to get these jobs done.

We are a country of inventors; remember the cotton gin, sewing machine, etc. Have we stopped being inventive in the 21st Century. The only inventions or progress you see lately are in the tech field; items that keep us entertained as well as sedentary.

As far as the immigration issue is concerned, I think immigration is great, the problem I have is the illegal part. How can you put the two words together and believe it is okay.

I am sorry to say this issue never was part of my life until 9/11. I remember watching shows like “Law & Order”, when New York homicide detective Lennie Briscoe would be looking for the bad guy and stumble across “illegals” and say don’t worry were not "Immigration". Not realizing at the time this was a “wink & nod” type of crime. Is it because it is so prevalent of a crime it was hard to enforce?

Too prevalent, until 9/11, then we realized if it’s that easy to get here illegally for jobs, then it’s just as easy to get here if you are a terrorist.

I believe we have to look at ourselves and stop blaming the government. These people would not be coming here illegally, if we weren’t giving them a reason to come here.

A rhetorical question: If the government asked you to pick lettuce for one-hundred bucks an hour, would you do it?

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